For Advertisers

Reach millions of targeted users on a daily basis via multiple advertising channels

For Publishers

Monetize your traffic and boost your revenue at programmatic scale

Ad Types

Push Notifications

Instantly deliver your advertising message to the users device.
Direct channel with high visibility and great interaction.

Click-Under ads

Low-cost advertising channel to put your brand in front of massive audience.

In-Page Push Notifications

New twist on classic Push. Your ad appears on website natively alongside with it's content.

iOS Calendar

Text-Only Push Notifications on iOS! Get access to absolutely unsaturated audience with this new format.


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Global reach

We have traffic for your campaigns from all over the world. 

Self-Serve Platform

Easy to use platform with multiple options for targeting.

Anti-Fraud protection

We work only with trusted sources to ensure the best quality of traffic for you.


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Worldwide Coverage

Monetize traffic from all countries.

Real-time Reporting

Fast dashboard or API to monitor your stats and revenue.

Easy Integration

Fast and easy process to start business with us.

About us

Meduza-ADX is an advertising platform for affiliates, agencies, media buyers, publishers and ad networks to reach their marketing goals.

Combining the best technology and years of experience of our team, we aim to build long-term relationships with our clients and partners.



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